Characters and FAQ

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Quote:  Smart Minds think alike, but idiots make the same mistakes!



Wow.  This comic seems a lot similar to TLoM.  ARE YOU COPYING?!

Well, sort of.  You see, this was one of the comics born in the inital ending of The Legend of Maxx.  I wanted to continue the TLoM legacy, and used some of the personalities from McMinn's comics.  However, I realized I wanted this comic to become more of an independent thing, so I stopped at Tetra's ale powers, but it was already too late to erase Cory and Leo.  However, I guess Ashley does have some of June's persona, but I guess that's because her patients were all very stupid and/or cannot think clearly due to their injuries.

How often do you post?  Cuz you seem to post like a snail sometimes.

Well, I have school, you know!  I'm not exactly an adult just yet, so homework and other classes are an important factor.  I really dislike hiatuses, but they have to happen.  I'm hoping this comic will pick up over the summer and future summers to come!

Can you tell us about yourself?

Well, I'm pretty busy with school, I'm a human who lives on planet earth, I like Terraria, Minecraft, and a lot of other games, and I eat and drink so I don't die.

Is Tetra a He or a She?

A They?  I honestly have no idea. 

How Many Player Characters will there be?

I guess that's currently undecided.  But the character that Tetra threw off their island, is it an NPC, or is it a player? >:)

Your work is very...interesting...Where can I see more of this...sprite comic?

Sure.  Here's a link: laugh